Did you loose your pictures of your canon digital camera?

Are you unable to recover your cr2 raw files?

Do you want to know how cr2 raw file recovery software works?

From the most popular name of the brands of digital camera a well known name is Canon.Cr2 is the raw file image of canon digital camera; the quality of the images viewed by this format is very fine, and it also contains very useful text content. As you see these qualities are provided by the cr2 raw file format, but as problems are inevitable, at a certain point of time pictures or cr2 images may be loss or inaccessible. So, do you ever thought that what will happen to your precious pictures. Or that will be shocking when the writing process was on its peak; and you turned off the camera and lost your image. At this time cr2 raw file recovery will help you a lot.

There are several conditions by which you can loose your cr2 raw file image. Some of them are mentioned below-

  • >> You can loose it either accidentally or unintentionally
  • >> Turning off the camera when it is under writing process.
  • >>Pulling out of media storage device while it’s under initializing process

If you are facing the above mentioned problems then cr2 raw file recovery software is made only for you.

Cr2 raw file recovery software is use for the recovery of raw file images most popularly and in spite of advanced feature, yet it is easy to. It retrieves your file even when your memory card is corrupted, the card is normally formatted to make it readable, and after this it can be scanned with the help of cr2 raw file recovery software and restore your picture. It also finds and provides the preview of both corrupted and deleted raw files.

Significant features-

  • >> Cr2 raw file recovery is easily compatible with all of versions of windows and Mac OS.
  • >> It allows you to recover your lost cr2 raw file.
  • >>It supports FAT and NTFS system.
  • >>Cr2 raw file recovery supports not only canon cr2 and crw format, but also all the various types of raw digital camera format.
  • >>The drive is exhaustibly scanned to locate and extract the lost files.
  • >>Also restores other media file formats like .mp3, .mp4, .avi, etc.

How to use cr2 raw file recovery?

  • >> Most importantly you can easily download cr2 raw file recovery software, scan your device and get the preview of your lost or corrupted picture.
  • >> You can also select where you want to save your restored picture.
  • >>If you have the following system requirements you can easily use this software.

System Requirements!

  • >> Any version of Windows or Mac operating system.
  • >> RAM of 64 MB or above.
  • >>Free space of 10 MB in your hard disk for installation.
  • >>If your camera does not appear as a disk drive then a card reader is required.

Cr2 raw file recovery software allows you to recover all types of raw image format and provide you to scan and select to recover only your desired raw files. The only thing you have to do is to download and install cr2 raw file recovery.