Are you unable to open your cr2 files?

Is your cr2 file also corrupted while opening?

Can any recovery software make it possible to recover corrupted cr2 files?

We can say that raw file images are digital negatives, because they play the same role as the negatives do in photography. Canon digital camera stores raw file image i.e. cr2. It is not only because of its picture quality, but also because the CCD capture uncompressed image for later editing the image to set its color balance using different editing software. To open Cr2 file most people first time use their common used application to view or edit the raw cr2 image file and this particular action makes your file inaccessible or corrupt.

Cr2 files are stored in a format base on TIFF. TIFF is a graphics file format which stands for “Tagged Image File Format” created to be standard image format across multiple computer platforms. Canon digital camera also use .CRW format to store captured image. Raw files are so called because they are not processed and by that reason they are not ready to Edit or Print.

How to open cr2 Files: -

Cr2 files are raw image files which can be opened with the help of some specific software, for Windows OS we can use Canon Digital photo Professional, Adobe Photoshop CS5, Adobe Photoshop elements 9, Google Picasa, etc. For Mac OS we can use Canon Digital photo Professional, Apple iPhoto, Google Picasa, etc.

Normally trying to open the file with incompatible application can make it corrupt. Because, of a single wrong action user loss all precious and priceless pictures. Although the cr2 image remains in the memory card but it could not be accessed.

For such kind of work you need capable software that helps in recovery of corrupted or lost raw files. i.e. Cr2 recovery software which is the solution to your entire problem related to cr2 raw file image.